Restraining Orders Warrant Strong Defense

Restraining orders (also known as injunctions) are intended to protect victims of violence, neglect or abuse. In some cases, however, they are misused or unjustified. Not only does the alleged abuser end up with a restraining order filed against him or her, he or she could also end up with the stigma of a serious criminal record.

At Rupich Law Offices, I give my clients an equal voice in criminal proceedings. If you have had a restraining order filed against you (either temporarily or otherwise), contact my office as soon as possible. These orders may not only restrict your communication with one individual, but they may also have collateral consequences on your rights.

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Temporary Restraining Orders And Injunction Hearings

The court takes restraining orders seriously. That is why when concerns about violence or abuse are brought up, temporary restraining orders (TROs) are put in place to provide an immediate legal barrier between the accused (respondent) and the alleged victim (petitioner).

Once the TRO is issued, an injunction hearing will be scheduled within 14 days. This hearing is where the court may or may not order a final order of protection on the basis of abuse against children, harassment, domestic violence or other individual at risk.

Simply having a TRO filed against you can feel like being given a guilty verdict without ever having a trial. Make sure you take action against the criminal biases you face. Give me a call and we can discuss your rights and options. I'm here to fight for you.