Helping Your Child With Juvenile Defense In Children's Court

Your child's moment of poor judgment or delinquent behaviors should not sentence him or her to a life in the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens when overzealous law enforcement officers or prosecutors fail to act in accordance with proper juvenile court/children's court procedures.

My job at Rupich Law Offices is to correct these issues and give your child the defense he or she needs against juvenile crime charges. Remember: Just because it is called "children's court" does not mean it is any less serious or inconsequential.

Do not just let your child suffer the consequences of the criminal justice system in an effort to educate them. Now is the time to step up and fight for your child's rights. I can make that case for you. Contact my office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to discuss your case with a lawyer who can get the job done.

How Is Juvenile Court Different From Traditional Courtroom Proceedings?

In short, the juvenile court system in Wisconsin emphasizes more rehabilitative measures rather than strictly disciplinary actions. The goal is to provide families with the education and tools needed to prevent future problems while protecting the safety of the public. Even terminology used to describe criminal proceedings differs (i.e., "detaining" versus "arresting" or "probation" versus "supervision").

In many cases, field experts like social workers are brought in to evaluate juvenile behaviors, and their input influences how dispositions (sentencing) will resolve. Not every attorney is well-versed in juvenile crimes and courtroom proceedings or in how to critically evaluate expert testimony in juvenile cases.

Your child's juvenile court case matters for today and it matters for tomorrow. I can help ensure your child has the opportunity for a brighter future. Contact my office via email or call 414-482-5319 to arrange a meeting.