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The criminal justice system may criminalize you before you even get a fair trial. Don't let them get away with it. Your rights are worth fighting for.

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This Isn't Status Quo Criminal Defense

Rupich Law Offices takes criminal defense to the next level. While other attorneys are networking with other attorneys, I, Patrick Rupich, spend my time defending clients and getting results.

I give my clients undivided attention and strength in the courtroom. That strength gets more results from opposing counsel than any professional award ever could.

There is truly no time to waste when it comes to criminal defense. Contact Rupich Law Offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to arrange a consultation and discuss your rights today.

A watchful eye: I take a hard look at the evidence being brought against my clients to determine if their rights were violated at any stage of investigation, arrest or accusation of criminal charges. If there is an opening in your case, I'll find it.

A steady hand: Opposing counsel can sense when a lawyer is ready to give in or make a deal. When I enter the courtroom in defense of my clients, prosecutors know I will take the case as far as it needs to go to protect the accused.

A fearless fight: No case is too big or small for Rupich Law Offices. Even if the evidence seems too much to overcome, it is worth the effort to aggressively defend your rights. Don't give up. This is your life.

Prompt Responses And Meaningful Counsel

In uncertain times, you need to know that every defense opportunity is being explored. I take pride in working closely with my clients. I pick up my phone. I return phone calls. To me, this work is about committing to my clients.

Your freedom and protection are what matter to me — not the judge's opinion of me, not the district attorney's opinion of me. They need to know we are here to fight, and I am prepared to fight for you.

Contact my office online or call 414-482-5319 to arrange a consultation.


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